Our Story

The world has changed in fundamental ways over the past thirty-two
years. Technology has altered a great many things and quality handcrafted
products have almost vanished from the market in favor of
quicker, cheaper labor.
The world has changed. But our promise hasn’t.
Established in 1982 by Leo Strulovitch, Manhattan Chairs maintains
that original commitment to quality and loyalty that has enabled us
to grow and earn the trust and admiration of clients worldwide. No
shortcuts, no leeway. We know that each chair we sell has the potential
to upgrade your establishment from mediocre to upscale, and therefore
we treat each chair with respect. In our view, when we build chairs, we
build your success!
As a leading wholesaler of commercial seating, we are the economical
and dependable choice to a diverse and constantly growing customer
base. From hotels to restaurants, from assisted living facilities to health
care facilities, from public parks to recreational villas, we have what it
takes to provide your establishment with long-term seating solutions.
Each hotelier and establishment owner knows its patrons—their needs
and their tastes. Your interior design surely reflects that. We want the
seating in your establishment to reflect your individualistic dreams, as
well. Our team will be delighted to work with your design committee to
reach the perfect solution—together.
With our unmatched upholstery choices and chair finishes, your chair
will become a centerpiece of beauty and durability.
The Crypton and lacquer finishes are durable and aesthetically pleasing.
This stain-resistant choice ensures that you can have the chair of your
dreams without compromising on practicality.
Enjoy the virtual tour of our 55,000-square-foot facility. You’re
guaranteed to find the chair you need in bentwood, beechwood, metal
or aluminum.
A thirty-two-year-old promise: Never Broken.